What We Offer

Any patient wishing to access support can simply call the Day One Case Worker on 07375 113 044 or email dayone@leeds-cares.org

Day One Major Trauma Support is offered to any patient within the West Yorkshire Trauma Network.

Day One Major Trauma Support provides practical and emotional support to patients and family members in the immediate aftermath of a major
trauma and throughout the recovery journey. Day One complements the medical treatment a patient receives. Financial, legal, practical and
emotional concerns can all be addressed via the Day One Case Worker. We will spend time with you understanding your personal situation and
working with you to identify the right support.

Watch our short animation to see what kind of support we offer:

Day One works in partnership with a range of organisations to deliver elements of support including Care First, Citizens Advice, and our panelof legal experts. To access support, please call 07375 113 044 or email dayone@leeds-cares.org

Peer Support

Patients and their families have the opportunity to benefit from the Day One peer support programme – a special group of trauma survivors who have the added benefit of shared experience.

How to Donate

Day One Major Trauma Support is delivered by Leeds Cares which means it is charitably funded and relies entirely on donations from fundraisers and supporters to keep going. It’s easy to donate to Day One, either through a one-off or regular donation, or via our fundraising events.