Nick’s experience with Day One Major Trauma Support volunteers after his accident inspired him to become a volunteer.


“I was out cycling on Father’s Day this year, doing a fifty mile training ride. I’d cycled out to Bolton Abbey and was on the return leg of my journey, a journey that I’d ridden many times before.

“On a tight corner, I lost control of my bike and ended up in the path of a Range Rover. In the accident, a poly-trauma; I fractured my pelvis, spine, and ribs in multiple places. I also suffered a serious internal bleed.

“I was taken to the Leeds Major Trauma Centre at the LGI for life-saving surgery. It was an awful time for my family who were told to expect the worst. However, I couldn’t have been in a better place, and the medical teams did an unbelievable job.”


“They were immediately warm and friendly”


“I remained in hospital for a month. I first met volunteers of Day One Major Trauma Support during my third week at the Leeds Major Trauma Centre at the LGI. I was sitting with my wife, Rachel, and two ladies, dressed in orange t-shirts, introduced themselves on the Trauma Ward. They were immediately warm and friendly. They spoke a little about Day One, how it was charity funded and what they might be able to help with. For me, the most important thing was that these people spoke from personal experience. In fact, one of the volunteers had suffered a very similar pelvic injury.

“Day One supports patients through things that it’s much harder to get support for. The Day One volunteers were able to connect with me, from my experience on the ward to what was likely to happen outside of it. That was a big thing for me. They also had TIME. There was no rush, and they were happy to be around for as long as I needed them.



“The volunteers really inspired me”

“The volunteers gave me a real insight into what life might be like beyond the ward, something that I’d not really thought about up until this point. As well as talking about recovery, they were able to help on a more practical level in terms of telling me what I might need when I finally got home. It was those conversations that helped us make sure that I got what I needed when I finally came home.

“I really want to give something back as a thank you for the amazing care and support I received during my time at the Leeds Major Trauma Centre. I am very lucky to be here and will forever be indebted to the nurses, doctors and consultants that got me though that day. The volunteers really inspired me to get into volunteering once I have fully recovered, and I will be returning to the hospital in January to find out how I can support Leeds Cares and get more involved with Day One Major Trauma Support!”


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